New Blog Post: Review: Fun Factory Pulsator Stronic Eins Powerful Thrusting Vibrator

Fun Factory Stronic Eins

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The Fun Factory Stronic Eins vibrator was provided by the lovely people at Simply Pleasure, in exchange for a fair and honest review. As usual it was sent in highly discreet and safe packaging, with a fast and efficient service.

At first look, the Stronic Eins by Fun Factory is an ordinary vibrator. It’s smooth, with a rounded tip and a slight curve to its girthy length. The base (handle) is black with three buttons (Fun Factory logo at the bottom, then + in the middle and – at the top), while the length of my toy is a vibrant pink – not quite red – colour. It’s also available in other shades.

Fun Factory Pulsator Stronic Eins Powerful Thrusting Vibrator Fun Factory Pulsator Stronic Eins Powerful Thrusting Vibrator

However, as you may have already guessed, this is no ordinary vibrator. At almost £130 you may wonder if it’s going to do the dishes and make you a cuppa as part of the package. It doesn’t quite get round to the housework, but close enough.

It’s good enough to make you forget about the hoovering for a good long while, at least.

The fact of the matter is, the Stronic Eins isn’t a vibrator at all. It’s a pulsating, throbbing, thrusting… I hesitate to use the words ‘love machine’, but you get the idea.

Fun Factory Pulsator Stronic Eins Powerful Thrusting Vibrator Fun Factory Pulsator Stronic Eins Powerful Thrusting Vibrator

Rather than simply vibrating or oscillating when you use this toy vaginally, it has a realistic thrusting motion. When holding it in your hand, even on the lowest power level the toy rocks back and forth with such vehemence it will have you salivating, imagining the motion internally.

The Stronic Eins is a rechargeable toy. Unlike the usual jack pin plugs of LELO and Jimmyjane rechargeable toy tradition, the Stronic Eins is one of the Fun Factory toys which uses their unique (and quite funky) magnetic click ‘n charge system.

If you are purchasing the Stronic Eins, you will need to purchase the Click ‘n Charge charger with it. It’s another £5 (approx), but I don’t see this as a problem. If you’re spending almost £130 on the Stronic Eins, you’re unlikely to be bothered about another fiver. It also means you can add to your Fun Factory Click ‘n Charge collection in the future and not receive yet another charging lead with each one.

Fun Factory Pulsator Stronic Eins Powerful Thrusting Vibrator Fun Factory Pulsator Stronic Eins Powerful Thrusting Vibrator

The charging system is easier than boiling a kettle. Simply plug the lead into your standard wall socket, then the rounded end with the Fun Factory logo magnetically ‘clicks’ on to the end of the Stronic Eins toy. There are two metal ‘nubs’ at the base of the toy which is where it clicks too.

The plug itself has a red LED which lights up when it’s plugged into a socket. While charging, the disc on the end of the lead which connects to the toy lights up red, while the power buttons on the toy itself light up white, one after the other.

Once charged, the buttons on the toy are all constantly lit white. Detach the magnetic charger and you’re ready to go.

The surface of the toy is smooth but to get that frictionless glide into your skin you will need to add some waterbased lubricant. It’s made with high quality, medical grade silicone which depresses to the touch. The very tip of the toy is flexible, while the major part of the length has a rigid inner, where the mechanisms await.

At the base of the insertable area, near the handle, there is a raised area, so that he thrusting motion of the toy will delight your clitoris and labia while you are using it. The angled curve of the tip helps to seek out and stimulate your g-spot. This toy is very definitely for vaginal, not anal, use.

The bottom button on the handle which says FUN, is the power on and off button. Press it to discover the first setting. I must be honest and admit that this is the point I began to get excited; I knew I’d found something different. The up and down motion (or rather, side to side laying on my hand) was just so dominant and not to be argued with! There’s no taming this beast, no matter how hard you hold it. The internal mechanisms are going to thrust; you’re going to just have to lie back and take it.

It is worth noting that wherever you turn the toy off, then back on, the FUN button at the bottom (on/off button) takes you back to the first setting once again.

As far as I can make out, there are actually 7 settings. It says there are 10 on site descriptions but I must get confused near the top ends. These are my descriptions and from my own use, not from official documentation:

1. Lowest power thrust
2. Medium power thrust
3. High power thrust
4. Highest power thrust – this is where it blends into a smoother, almost vibrating mode
5. Purring oscillation, descending into a gentle thrust – and repeat
6. Waves of strong thrusting & oscillation, tapering off, then repeat
7. Slow thrust x4 then oscillation, then mini fast thrust & oscillation

To scroll through the settings, click the + or – button. While on the first setting you can use the – button to slow down the speed to a lazy, slow thrust every second or so.

The Stronic Eins feels best when you’re lying down. Standing up seems to interfere with the power of the thrust, as understandably gravity has a hand with the internal mechanisms. The thrusting motion has obviously been designed to work in a, well… thrusting manner. Forwards and back, horizontally – not vertically.

Bear this in mind when you come to try out the other amazing feature of the Stronic Eins – it’s fully waterproof. This goes a long way to further explain the £130 price tag. However as it’s best used lying down, you may want to save this one for a deep, luxurious bath rather than a quick romp in the shower. Unless you have your showers lying down, of course.

So there you have it. The Stronic Eins. It feels absolutely superb and sensational during use. The thing that most delights me is that it does feel like the thrusting from a person, so I can float off to my penetrative sex fantasies whenever I like. Just add a bullet vibe for my clit and I’m over the edge in an embarrassingly short space of time. It’s my ‘go-to’ ‘next-best’ powerful penis.

It measures an impressive 9″ length approx with 6″ approx insertable. Circumference is 5.75″ at the widest point.

It is of course fantastic on its own and for women who get their rocks off to the powerful thrusting of ‘real penis sex’ (cor blimey that’s a biggun guvnor) this really is a must have. It will transform the way you achieve orgasms when you’re alone. You can even lock the keys for when you’re travelling with it (if you happen to travel with a huge thrusting sex toy often).

In my opinion if you have the money to invest in a high quality, thrusting sex toy, get the Stronic Eins. You won’t regret it.

Get the Stronic Eins from Simply Pleasure for £128.95 and don’t forget the Click ‘n Charge charger!

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